Silvie Spreeuwenberg has done a very good job at outlining why AI needs more thansparency. In this short and well written publication, the author uses non-technical and clear language. The arguments are well formulated and non-ambivalent in their meaning, without moralizing or politicizing. The book is directed at business owners and entrepreneurs. Although it could be viewed as the “AIX-Manifesto” it has none of the shortcomings; the logic and the deduction are far more precize that those prevalent in the manifestos that I have seen. – 13 January 2020: based on the kindle edition.

Ton Boelens, Bauhaus

Very clear and precise book. Perfect for a subject as demanding as Artificial Intelligence. Brilliantly edited. Full of illustrative graphics. Highly recommended for anyone who has to make decisions based on data. – 7 December 2019 – paperback edition

Antonio Catalas, Enterprise Architect

Artificial Intelligence is in the hart of the Digital Transition of our Global Society. It is therefore crucial that anyone offering or developing AI can be held accountable. This book makes a great case for one of the key principles that AI needs to be explainable. Only then can one trust the technology and avoid discrimination. Endorsement received December 2019

Spreeuwenberg does a masterful job in illustrating why explainable AI is paramount for busienss profits and society and can be accomplished through her six step process. Truth and trust in artificial intelligence is critical for successful solutions, and now we have the framework on how to do it! – Endorsement received December 2019

I read your articles and they are exceptional – your vision is fluid – I would love to sit in your lectures sometime. Mail

Pinaki Ghosh, Researcher

It started with a Lady: Ada Lovelace. And it continues with a Lady: Silvie. Good to see and observe this! We need more intelligent Ladies to drive AI forward! Great series, Silvie!Linkedin

In some application fields such as insurance claims auditing, it is absolutely mandatory to be able to explain how a system came up with an edit (i.e. the result). The decision may need to be defended in court if it is legally challenged. I agree with the hybrid-system approach mentioned by the author of this article; it seems to me as the way to go to get to the next level in AI.- Linkedin

Philippe Davidson, Ph.D, Your Content Goes Here

Thanks, Silvie, for this crisp and clear explanation. What I like in particular is the first point: ‘supports a well-defined decision-making task’. I’d like to emphasize the word “supports”.

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