Creating a book is a huge commitment and it is not possible without the continuous support of many colleagues and friends.

I am very grateful that Patricia Henao is editing the linked-in post.

Many others have committed themselves to help me get the right cases, examples and feedback. Thank you to:

  • Marelle van Beerschoten, Founder at Digital Shapers, shares Silvie’s interest to involve the business to find the best digital strategy.
  • Alcedo Coenen: out-of-the box thinker and co-author of Silvie’s first book on business rules.
  • Tom van Engers: fellow student from Silvie at cognitive AI in Utrecht, Professor University of Amsterdam and director of the Leibniz institute of law.
  • Pinaki Ghosh: listens, is smart and works on an intelligent house, inspired by Silvie’s work on agent based reasoning systems such as the rule based traffic management.
  • Rob van Haarst: shares a common interest in language with Silvie, resulting in authoring the book SBVR Made Easy, contributing examples of how rules and AI methods are complementary.
  • Evert Haasdijk: worked with Silvie when she did her thesis research on Genetic Algorithms, now Senior Manager and AI expert at Deloitte Nederland
  • Pieter den Hamer: fellow student from Silvie at cognitive AI in Utrecht, has always kept his interest in AI and now Senior Director at Gartner.
  • Patricia Henao : program manager on one of the first big project of Silvie, Certified Facilitator and instructor, editing articles and developing training material.
  • Stijn Hoppenbrouwers; Professor (Data & Knowledge Engineering) at Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)
  • Eelco den Heijer: Experienced software developer with a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Phd in using machine learning to generate visual art.
  • Dagmar Monett; Prof. Dr. Computer Science, HWR Berlin
  • Rosalie van Oostrom: Responsible for defining and implementing trustworthy AI at Dutch Ministry of Health and experienced entrepreneur being a legal expert with beta brains.
  • Frans Razoux Schultz: co-founder of the Dutch Association for Business Rules (BRPN) with Silvie, ambitious and result driven Sales Manager specialized in consultative selling and new business.
  • Ron Ross: visionary in Silvie’s first software company RuleArts, chair of the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference, recognized internationally as the ‘father of business rules contributing his experience as author of 10 professional books.
  • James Taylor: Leading authority on Decision Management, decision modeling, business rules and predictive analytics, author of the book Decision Management Systems.
  • Linda Terlouw: a computer scientist sharing with Silvie being a professional independent dutch business woman, working with data, images and video contributing examples from process mining.
  • Jan Veldsink: co-founder of the Dutch Association for Business Rules (BRPN) with Silvie, creative thinker, core teacher Nijenrode executive MBA contributing examples from to prevent cyber crime in financial institutions.
  • Arjan Vreeken: lecturer Information Science at University of Amsterdam contributing general examples and help make the book attractive as material for AI modules at university.