short intro
An easy to follow overview of the dilemma’s we face using AI systems.

Three compelling examples targeted to your audience. We discuss al five arguments, in an order that convinces your audience, to conclude that explanations make sense and results in more successful AI solutions.

key note
Inspire and engage a conference audience, students or project team.

Case studies and conclusion will align with the most relevant message for the audience. Includes a hello-world example of a Neural Network to remove the mysticism around AI solutions and audience engagement.

Review your companies decision support systems and processes.

We discuss how to prevent decision biases, are all decisions ethical, who needs explanations, technology selection and more. The result is an XAI solution combining  business rules and machine learning.

Book her as speaker!

  • Innovation Friday – Amsterdam – 20 November 2019 – Opening session

  • OneMBA 19 Alumni meeting – 31 October 2019 – introduction

  • On The Move Conference – Rhodos – 23 October 2019 – Keynote

  • Business Rules Platform Netherlands  – 7 November – In depth inspiration session

Why let your business IT allignment continue to cause trouble & loss of time?

Simply put, there is no reason.
IT and business stakeholders can not collaborate to create real value if they don’t know how the system operates. By requiring explainable AI, managers can change this situation and improve their return on AI investments.