Allow machines to explain themselves and create greatness.

Highly illustrated

This easy to read and illustrated book will demystify AI technology and enable you to engage in meaningful conversations on how to apply AI in your organization.

First non-tech book on XAI

Its not easy to understand the basics of AI and what it encompasses. Silvie explains AI in easy terms – free from difficult jargons – the book not only talks about the history, foundation and uses of AI but also its effects in the fields of its use.

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Supported by the best experts

The author is an acknowledged expert in the field of AI and was supported, among others, by thought leaders in the field such as James Taylor – leading on digital decisioning, Ronald G. Ross – father of business rules, Neil Sahota – IBM master inventor and Dagmar Monett – Prof. Dr. Computer Science HWR Berlin

Practical examples

She provides compelling evidence regarding why we need transparency in AI and provides many case studies around effects of AI in our society illustrating the meaning of this transparency in the context of AI. This is an excellent book which you can use for a conversation around AI.

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Teaching material

This book presents the five reasons why XAI solutions are more successful than an oracle based on AI, or any black box IT system. It discusses the ROI of AI solutions, stakeholder trust, common-sense and biases, societies ethical concerns, and six steps method describing how to make up a good explanation. The logical structure that follows from these arguments makes is very well suitable to use as material in a class on AI.

References to further reading

The book tries to stay away from technical details. An exception is made in the description on how to implement XAI solutions by introducing some details about the underlying technologies. Just enough for a good understanding, not enough to ‘do it yourself’.  The final chapter recommends sources to use if you need help understanding the algorithms in more detail and material used to support the arguments in the book, organized per topic.

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And This Is Just The Beginning. Prepare For A Learning Experience!

Economists say that we need to keep the money moving for the economy to flourish. I strongly believe the same is true for knowledge. My motivation to write this book is to share my knowledge and encourage knowledge sharing within and between organizations.

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