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Why XAI?

The five reasons why XAI solutions are more successful than an oracle based on AI, or any black box IT system, are as follows:

  1. Decision support systems that explain themselves have a higher return on investment because explanations close the feedback loop between strategy and operations resulting in timely adaption to changes, longer system lifetime and better integration with business values.
  2. Offering explanations enhances stakeholder trust because the decisions are credible for the customer and also makes the business accountable towards regulators
  3. Decisions with explanations become better decisions because the explanations show (unwanted) biases and help to include missing, common sense, knowledge.
  4. It is feasible to implement AI solutions that generate explanations without a huge drop in performance with the six-step method that I developed, and technology expected from increased research activity.
  5. To be prepared for the increased demand for transparency based on concerns about the ethics of AI and the effect on the fundamental principles of a democratic society.

Each chapter in the book: AIX: Artificial Intelligence needs explanation, will explain one of these reasons in detail and provide examples or practical guidance. After reading you will have a good understanding what it takes to explain solutions that support or automate a decision task and the value explanations add to your organization.

I have tried to stay away from technical details. When I describe how to implement XAI solutions, I make an exception to this self-imposed rule and introduce some details about the underlying technologies. Just enough for a good understanding, not enough to ‘do it yourself’. In the final chapter I recommend sources to use if you need help understanding the algorithms in more detail.