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Most companies today have huge amounts of data available that offer great potential to improve human decision making. However, the available technology is not transparent, the resulting decisions may be biased, and people question the ethics of Artificial Intelligence.
This book provides convincing arguments and practical guidance for business managers and specialists to take ownership of the intelligence in their decision support systems. The easy to read style, illustrations and examples demystify AI technology. It will help you to engage in meaningful conversations on how to apply AI in your organization.
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Silvie Spreeuwenberg is an acknowledged expert in the field of AI and has consulted with many government institutions and large corporations in over 20 years. She studied AI at Utrecht University and holds a global executive MBA from Erasmus University. She firmly believes in the responsibility of business managers to take ownership of the intelligence required to design effective decision support systems.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence is the key to a learning organization.

Truth and trust in artificial intelligence is critical for successful solutions, and now we have the framework on how to do it!

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